August 21, 2006

Akkara Adisil

Posted in Sweets at 12:03 pm by messycooks

Akkara Adisil also known as ‘Akkara Vadisal’ is one of the famous sweet dishes made in many parts of Tamil Nadu.It is traditionally done in the Tamil month of margazhi. The main ingredients are milk and rice.


Milk – 4 1/2 cups

Rice – 1 cup

Moong dhal (payatham paruppu)- 1/4 cup

jaggery – 3/4 cup

Ghee – 1/2 cup

Cashews – few

Raisins – few


  1. Add ghee to the pan and roast the rice ,moong dhal, chana dhal seperately.
  2. Add 4 and 1/2 cups of milk to the pressure pan .Add the rice,moong dhal and pressure cook the rice-milk mixture.
  3. Add a little water and jaggery to another pan.Keep stirring until the jaggery melts and remove from heat.
  4. After the pressure of the cooker is released, add the jaggery mixture to the rice-milk mixture and continue to cook on low heat until everything blends together.
  5. Fry the raisins and cashews in ghee and add it to the rice mixture.
  6. Add some more milk and ghee if its too thick and continue to cook till everything is well cooked.
  7. Remove from heat and Akkara adisil is ready to be served.

Akkara adisil is generally done in a large vessel,not in pressure cooker.It is done by slow cooking the rice and dhal in milk.Pressure cooking saves us time:-).Either ways taste will be really good.



  1. sam said,

    so akkara adisil is nothing but our ‘pongal’. am i right? i thought it otherwise!
    i came here with the idea of getting a recipe for ‘kalkanndu satham’, a favorite of mine. will you please give the recipe for that?
    probably i may need terms in our vernacular also. for instance i dont know what are : Moong dhal ,Chana dhal – an amateur cook who started loving cooking very recently and one who never gets the same taste in the same dish the second time!

  2. kalpana said,

    hii sam….welcome:)!!!!!….i’ll try to post the recipe for kalkandu sadham soon.

    Pongal is done only with rice and moong dhal (payatham parupu).

    Some make akkara adisil with rice alone,not addding moong dhal and chana dhal ( kadala parupu).that’s delicious too!!!

  3. ralsam said,

    another reader’s choice – keerai kulambu, pl.

    why so many exclamatory marks after welcoming me !!!!????

  4. kalpana said,

    Sure sam…will post the recipes soon :)….

  5. Hi kALPANA,
    thanks for participating in jfi.
    Wonderful recipe for nivedhyam.
    Photo looks great and thanks for sharing.

  6. kalpana said,

    Hiii vineela…welcome 🙂 i am so excited to participate in JFI!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  7. Krithika said,

    Have never tried this. Looks delicious.

  8. kalpana said,

    hi krithika….Thank you so much:).

  9. Kirti said,

    Hi kalpana,

    I did not know that Akkara Adisil has Kadale Parrupu in it. The recipe I had (given to me by mom) indicated only rice and payatham parrupu. Also like someone said, it is close to pongal –except Pongal has less milk–correct? I have been dying to eat this dish for years…now i am inspired to make it and ask my family to try it too. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


  10. kalpana said,

    hii krithii,
    Some make akkara adisil with rice alone and some make it with rice,kadalai paruppu,payatham paruppu.I think it differs from region to region.both ways akkara adisil is very delicious to eattt!!!:)

  11. zephyr said,

    hi kalpu,

    Thanks for posting Akkara adisil recipe. The photo which u took is really very natural and mouth-watery…do send some more sweet recipes.

  12. kalpana said,

    thxxx zephyrr 🙂

  13. Rajendran M said,


    U r doing great job! The photographs published in your page are really wonderful. I think u can start an Indian restaurant in U.S.

  14. kalpana said,

    thx so much rajendran.:)

  15. Sanjana said,

    Fond memories of this delicious dish. Mom used to make them during festive season and God it used to vanish in a jiffy. Thanks for sharing this recipe here. Chk out Chitvish’s version of akkaravadisal:

  16. kalpana said,

    thx sanjana :d

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