November 7, 2010

Boondhi Laddu

Posted in snacks, Sweets at 10:41 pm by kalpana

This was the time i ever tried making laddu.I gotta say, for the first time it came out pretty good.i have to thank two people – one, who i started this blog with and the other……ahem..well , i think you would know  if it is you..i leave it at that 🙂


Besan – 1 cup

Sugar – 1 cup

Rock candy (kalkandu) – few

Cashews – few

Cardamom (powdered) – 1/4 teaspoon

Ghee/ oil – for frying

Salt – 2 pinches

Baking soda – 2 pinches


For making boondhi

  • Mix besan,salt,baking soda with little water and make a thick batter.
  • Heat oil in a kadai.You can fry it in ghee too.I mixed both.This way , i got the flavor of ghee and didnt feel guilty 🙂
  • Consistency should be thick enough that  it doesnt drop  through the slotted spoon by itself
  • When the oil is screaming hot, pour about a spoonful of batter on the slotted spoon and with the help of another spoon, keep stirring the batter in circular motion over the hot oil.
  • Keep stirring the batter till all the batter is dropped in the hot oil.Cook for few seconds and drain the boodhi in a tissue paper.

For a perfect round boondhi

  1. Oil should be very hot when you drop the boondhi.So everytime ,wait for oil to get heated up.
  2. If the batter is thin, you may not get the perfect round shape.
  3. Wash the slotted spoon and wipe it with a kitchen towel after frying each batch.

For making laddu

  • Make the sugar syrup by heating the sugar with little water.
  • Keep boiling the syrup  until you get one string consistency.
  • fry cashews in little ghee and keep it aside.
  • Add the cardamom  to the syrup.
  • Add the rock candy and cashews to the bhoondi.
  • Apply some ghee to both hands.Add the syrup little by little to the bhoondi and start making laddus while its still warm.
  • Let is set for 15 minutes and serve.

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