A warm Welcome to my blog. I am kalpana, mom of a one year old ,who enjoys cooking abundantly.This blog was started with one of my good friends with an intention to share our experience with cooking .unfortunately ,she is not able to contribute to this blog.so i decided to take over and that’s how this blog became my own little space.Cooking has always been my passion since childhood.The recipes posted here are tried ,tasted and tested by me.I feel ‘tasty’ and ‘delicious’ are relative terms :).Please feel free to do some moderation to suit to your taste if you want to :).


Trivia -Things you may/maynot know about me 🙂

I am a typical virgo woman

I am a coffee freak (give me a cup of coffee..i’ll be your friend 🙂  )

I do browse,watch tv, talk on phone.. at the same time

I love  Cooking,singing,dancing,Blogging, painting,drawing,photography and talkinggggg (a lot!)

I am fond of  Indian,American,Thai,Mexican,Italian cuisine..basically everything

I  enjoy capturing  candid moments  of my son in my camera

I go really mad when i am hungry

I  easily get along .

I live life to the fullest.

I adore my nieces

I treasure old photographs

I avoid dirty places

I seldom take naps in daytime

I relish   Anything sweet

I wish i could be more organized

I love  to be around people who have good humor sense

I hate liars

I forget to water my plants

I am addicted to my lappie and iphone ( hope i remove this line someday 😦 )

I never go out without wearing my  lipstick.

My most prized possession : A note my hubby sent me along with a bouquet during our engagement.

My Weakness : my son

My Strength :my hubby

Turn off : hypocrites (cann’t stand them)

My dream : To create  my own brand of products!

My favorite dress : skirt and blouse.

Thanks for stopping by and please visit again 🙂



  1. Nivedita said,

    very nice, would love to be friends:)

  2. kalpana said,

    Thanks nivedita..i would love to too…. 🙂

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