April 18, 2009

My first award! yayyyy!

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My heartfelt thanks  and hugs to homecooked to remember me ,tag me and give these awards 🙂 .It means a lot  to me .The countdown tag sounded really interesting.So i thought i would do that.But it wasn’t  that easy i thought it would be…This is the longest i have taken to write a  post 🙂

1st word of my son is ‘appa’ .

2 – I have  two  closest, best friends with whom  i share everything under the sun …..

3 – is  the number of siblings i have.

4 –  It’s been 4 years since i moved to US. Feels like yesterday…..:)

5th is the date my dad gifted me my own car as soon as i got my license.

6 romantic days spent in niagara and newyork with my hubby dear is the most memorable vacation!

7 ‘o clock pm is usually  when i call my sister to discuss nothing…he he…

8 -is  the number of days i took to decide on my marriage…nah…i wasn’t hasty..I knew what i was doing 🙂

9 pm is when i close my kitchen and call it a night

10 – the number of seasons of friends dvd i have…yup i am a friends fanatic…

I would like to pass on this tag and awards to Asha, Chitra, SGD.