December 19, 2009


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snowman in the making! 🙂


January 13, 2009

hot hot hot

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This is my entry for CLICK EVENT

January 2, 2009

so long 2008!

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Wish you all a very happy newyear! 🙂 Godspeed and Godbless!

July 14, 2008


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Little one starts to rollover.It’s time to move to a bigger place. After months of hunting..we have finally settled! :)..Cannt wait to move in to our new home…

June 15, 2008

Daddy turns one!

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Even though it’s been a long time since i quit my job as lecturer, the teacher in me still pops out every now and then (No..i dont preach things that i dont follow 🙂 ).Now it has become more frequent being a new mommy.New daddy is always on the receiving end.But as always you cut me some slack and keep your cool even when i am overly critical of you (come on guys..I have a 3 month old ..and you know how it is…:) ).It goes without saying how much i admire you when you put our son to sleep by singing “aayarpaadi maaligaiyil” 🙂 …you are the best!..happy father’s day !

Here is your favorite meal…you dont relish cakes as much as i do… do ya? 🙂

May 11, 2008

Mommies Rock!

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Best wishes to all the awesome mommies! Happy Mother’s day! 🙂

March 22, 2008

Welcome Home My Laddu!

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You made our anniversary truly special!

January 1, 2008

Jack of all trades! -Gardening

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Though my interests varies from music , singing , dancing , yoga,mehendi to cooking..I have never seen myself doing anything religiously.This habit of hopping from one to another kinda of makes it interesting though :).Now to add to my resume,here is my new found passion -gardening! Thanks to my brother-in-law who trusted me and gave me this curry leaves plant.. i am able to take good care of it despite the bad weather! I dunno i am suprisingly stingy when it comes to plucking my curry leaves.It looks too beautiful to pluck! Now that i proved to my hubby i am not as bad as he thought i am (He still remembers the time when i bought tomato plant for 20$ and failed to take care of it 😦 ..This explains his reluctance to trust me ever again) ,I have slowly started to tell him about my evolving interest in photography and how much buying a SLR would help wonder he calls me moota poochi 🙂 !

December 17, 2007

My lucky Sweet Tooth!

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Look at what my hubby bought me when i told him ” I crave jam ma”! 🙂 I think i didn’t play the “pregnancy-craving” card well…I guess diamonds would have been a clever choice 🙂


November 5, 2007


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